Monthly Archives: May 2016

Hare Brains and the Comfy Grey Area


I have taken a bit of time off from my blog to think, and to think about not thinking, and to make some decisions about my life. Where do I want my career to go? What kind of writing style do I want for this blog? I have noticed a few posts published lately by fellow bloggers about being unsure sometimes about what adult life is supposed to look like. Where are we supposed to be in our lives at this point? Everyone else seems to have it so ‘together’…

Sometimes the picture we portray online isn’t the same as the one ‘behind the curtain’. I think that’s fine, but I definitely agree with those ladies who admit that the ‘quarter life crisis’ is a thing, and not having everything as figured out as you thought is okay too.

fox michigan

Sometimes I like to leave things half way done– or better yet just in their ‘idea’ stages. If something stays an idea, a hypothetical, it is still potentially a success, and cannot yet be a failure. Right now I am working on getting my writing and other projects out of that safe grey area and into the light. Whatever happens– whether the ideas fall flat or some are a success, I have to try. This goes for many areas in my life not just my writing and hopefully soon ‘Nothing ventured nothing gained’ will mean a lot more than to me than it has in the past.

From this blog you can expect to hear stories, read essays and articles and get book reviews. I won’t be recommending restaurants, or clothing or brands of toothpaste, but hopefully entertaining you with the time that I went into a strangers house because it was a Jewish holiday and they needed the help of a Gentile to light a candle. Or what happens when you enjoy a brunch by yourself. Maybe you need some good book recommendations for the beach this summer. I will do my best to entertain, maybe educate and most definitely give you something new to read.