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Moving four times has given me a unique perspective about packing up and moving to different neighborhood every so often. The neighborhoods have different flavors; each period of time has a distinct beginning and end. There was a different reason for each move and each period was a different period of growing. Three years is a relatively short time in a person’s life, but I am a very different person than I was—or maybe just more of myself.

In the first two apartments I lived alone—something I found very valuable but was unable to keep up. The third apartment was with roommates; too many roommates to tell the truth and the space was never clean enough for me.

Now I’m living with my sister, and it’s a happy medium, someone to split the bills with and who knows me.

Cleaning up and unpacking is the least fun aspect of moving. Packing is really no fun either. Both jobs seem to grow in size the longer you keep them up. Two weeks after the move we are 90% settled in. There are a few more books to put on shelves and a couple more pictures to hang, and the dining table has become a collection for all sorts of random items but we’re getting there.

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One of the first things to make me feel finally at ‘home’ was when I unpacked the coffee maker. The iCoffee maker is the perfect compromise for those who want to drink good quality coffee—but don’t always want to go through the trouble of getting out the Bialetti or the French press. The reusable pod means I get a good cup of coffee (whatever that means to me—in this case it’s Intelligentsia La Perla Oaxaca) with the convenience of a pod coffee maker.

My favorite thing about this coffee maker is actually not one of its functions though those are all good. It’s got a blue light that glows under the spout and in the water tank, so it looks like it belongs in another world, a space-ship coffee maker. The blue light is my favorite.

It’s made mornings in my new home very comfortable and for that I’m very grateful.

This post was sponsored by iCoffee; all thoughts and opinions are mine.