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Fulton Market Kitchen: The Hare Dines

Chicago - Interiors - Photography

I have visited Fulton Market Kitchen on two occasions and both times I felt like I was in an art gallery or some really wealthy, eccentric friend’s house who has exquisite taste and always invites me over for dinner and drinks.

Monday night at six o’clock is not crowded, nor would you expect it to be. I love that you can relax and eat in a variety of different spaces. A dining table with banquettes offers a slightly different feel then the rooms in the back, each decorated in their own unique style. The bar is comfortable and offers an almost overwhelming choice of beverages.

There are regular tables, for your ‘standard’ dining experience, as well as fun chairs (I sunk comically down in a mint-green slipper chair ) while bellied up to one of the smaller tables along the side of the restaurant. It has the feel of having been collected over a lifetime, by someone who has lived well, traveled, and has their ear to the ground as far as what constitutes as good taste in modern (contemporary) art (street-art/urban-art?).

As far as dining, service, food and drink–Fulton Market Kitchen has it all. A new restaurant that I hope is here for many years (it’ll take at least that long before I can get a real dinner date…) Named on of the 12 best looking restaurants in the U.S., it’s easy to see why here, dining is more than dining and when you don’t want to be in your own home, this is second best.