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My Bookshelf: The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood

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The Blind Assassin is about a Canadian family struggling with issues of family, class, race, and the changing times during both WWI and WWII. Iris and Laura are two sisters who grow up without a mother and with an absent, alcoholic father. Constantly dealing with old-fashioned values that clash with a new society, both sisters and their extended family must deal with the dire consequences of their impetuous decisions.

The Hare gives this book 4 stars! Winner of The Booker Prize, it’s a novel-within-a-novel that twists and turns to a conclusion you don’t see coming. Issues like feminism, class, race, sexual identity and family structure are all addressed in the most insightful and powerful way possible. If you’re looking for a book to while away the hours over holiday vacation– this is the one!

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My Winter Checklist



This bear wants you to try winter.

This bear wants you to try winter.

Thanksgiving is over, Christmas is fast approaching and winter is here to stay. Today I want to share my winter checklist. These are a few things that I want to do this winter that will make the season more fun, more festive and hopefully, shorter. And if not shorter less brutal. Here’s hoping.

1. Ice skating on the roof at The Peninsula

2. Visit Kristkindl Markt at Daley Plaza

3. Have a pumpkin or gingerbread inspired drink at an independent coffee shop.

4. Finish a knitting project (or 2).

5. Read! (I’ve been watching too much TV, and my reading list is way too long.)

6. Visit a park or garden after a snowfall. (Is snow-yoga a thing? Sno-ga?)

7. Make a batch of soup from scratch.

8. Stay fit with The Barre Code! We all enjoy holiday eating. Let’s just not pretend it doesn’t happen all year round… :p

9.  Find time for a winter sport (ski, snow shoe…etc.)

10. Try something new– new place, new experience, new food, new drink, new crowd, new skill…

it’s more difficult to get in the spirit of winter because it’s not a comfortable season. I take the opposite view, and am much less comfortable in summer than winter so I’m the first one to wrap up in a furry scarf and big boots while everyone is lamenting that they only got so many days outside in a swimming suit. Whatever the case, enjoy your winter! I hope this list can inspire one of your own — a day relaxing at home or even a date night!